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Anti Slip Floor Company In the Sunshine Coast Gave Us Peace Of Mind

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Our premier day spa has been used and loved by our customers for over a decade and we are proud to have created a warm and friendly environment where everyone who enters feels relaxed and ready to enjoy a day of rest.  For the safety of our clientele, we take great care in ensuring we […]

Floor Doctor Anti Slip Services Ideal For Safe Family Living

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Floor Doctor Anti Slip Services Ideal For Safe Family Living It was a high priority to us to book in some anti slip services for our new home pool as quickly as possible when we first moved in, and doing so has been so beneficial for us as a family.   We recently moved into […]

Slips, Falls and Long-Term Health Consequences

Anti Slip Solution

Slips and falls are mostly result in bruise, sprain or fracture. Injuries are usually the outcome of carelessness on your part whether  you are inside or outside of your home or workplace. Slips, trips and falls are the second leading cause of workplace injuries, accounting for over 20% of all injuries. Slips and trips result in […]

Why Anti Slip Surfacing is Important?

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Slippery surfaces are very dangerous especially when your working environment is hazardous such as the ramp of a boat, pedestrian bridge or even a fast food kitchen . This is the reason anti slip surfacing is so vital: it protects everybody, even in moist or frigid conditions. Having an anti slip surfacing is essential for any flooring […]