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I began a business three years ago which quickly picked up and it soon became necessary for me to move out of our study at home and look for bigger premises with room for additional staff and a storage space for stock.  With a small budget, the buildings I was looking at were run down and since the product I sell is clothing I ideally needed somewhere clean and fresh. As such, when I took on the tenancy of one of these spaces I ensured I would be able to do a complete top-to-bottom clean and upgrade of anything which needed doing, and the landlord even agreed to pay for it.  It was then that I began my search for anti slip floor services in the Sunshine Coast.


With all the pools in this part of the world, you would assume that finding anti slip floor services in the Sunshine Coast would be a fairly simple job, but it was a bit of a minefield, finding a company which I felt would be able to do justice to such a run down space.  I was looking for a company who could show that their work met up to the OH&S /Australian standards because I now had employees whose safety I had to ensure.

Damage Assessments

Eventually, I came across Floor Doctor who specifically offered anti slip floor services in the Sunshine Coast. I spoke to them directly, explaining the rather dire situation with my dirty and damp flooring, and they decided to come and asses our damages and safety needs in person.  The Floor Doctor experts suggested they do a strip and seal treatment to give the floors a deep clean, and then an anti slip treatment so as to keep me and my new employees safe.

The quote I was given by this very professional company offering anti slip floor services in the Sunshine Coast was very reasonable for the level of work which needed doing and as such, we went ahead and booked them and they got started on the job within days.

What A Difference

Upon completion I was amazed!  The floors were shiny and fresh and as such the whole space seemed bright and new.  It looked like a brand new office and the storage space also looked fantastic and ready for the stock to be hung.

Before using Floor Doctor’s anti slip floor services in the Sunshine Coast I was worried I had made a mistake leasing this particular office, but with the flooring refreshed, I have been able to make it my own and I am so proud of it.  Now I feel comfortable bringing clients into my office and they always mention what a lovely, bright, clean space we have.

Meeting The Standards With Peace Of Mind

Best of all, since I was a little nervous about becoming an employer and making sure that I was meeting all the health and safety standard requirements, I am so thankful for the great services from Floor Doctor who put my mind at ease as I get started on this exciting new business journey!

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